Open call 2019


DISLOCADA/DISLOCATED Issues international open call for video work. 

DISLOCADA/DISLOCATED a Performance Collaborative with members in the United States, Colombia and Mexico issues an open call for Video performance. The call is open from August 1, 2019 with a September 15, 2019 deadline for video submissions. Announcements of videos accepted for screening will be sent out on October 6, 2019. The videos selected will form part of a "DISLOCADA / DISLOCATED" video showcase with simultaneous showings on Friday, October 25, 2019 at Liliput Gallery in Puebla (Mexico), K - Cultural Zone in Bogotá (Colombia), and PaintedFoot Studio in Philadelphia, PA, (USA). 

This call invites visual and video artists as well as other creatives and people interested in participating through a pre recorded video performance or by registering a video recorded action/performance in urban spaces anywhere in the world. 

We are interested in selecting audiovisual material that generates questions especially about the body as circumscribed political territory, as a place of political resistance, dissidence, a locus for cultural, social, gender and migratory conditions that occur in the public / private spaces and in many ways defines the human body or not. This call urges you to ask yourself What is dislocated? What happens when we "leave" pre-established schemes, those imposed or deemed to be "correct" etc.? What kind of reflections do we want to propose or inquire from these "dislocations" of meaning?

This collective curatorship is a collaboration between independent artistic platforms and 

performance festivals: including the 11th Live and Deferred Action Meeting -AVD- (Bogotá, Colombia), Liliput Gallery ( Puebla, MX) and Dissident Bodies in collaboration with  Brob Din Gnag (BDG) (Philadelphia, USA).

Entry Guidelines:

-Duration of video: five minutes maximum.

- Formats: MP4, AVI, Quicktime, MPEG.

- Brief description of the work.

-Add video download link.

• We will give priority to recordings and actions that have been carried out recently, within the last year. We suggest sending material that is in keeping with themes relating to the curatorial call. Inclusive of themes such as:

- Gentrification

- Decoloniality

- Corporalities

- Public spaces

- Dissidence

- Immigration

- Gender

The work selected for the DISLOCADA / DISLOCATED sample will be part of the video showcase that will premiere in Philadelphia, PA (USA) in Bogotá, Colombia and in Puebla, Mexico. This event is free and open to the public. All  rights remain the property of the artist. Thank you for your participation!

you can also register by sending us the questions and your responses to this call via email at: